Who are we?

Shoal is a radical research and writers’ collective which produces news articles, investigative research, opinion, analysis and theoretical writing in support of social movements that aim to bring about social change.

Our work is guided by the following underlying principles:

– Opposition to capitalism and the state
– Anti-authoritarianism
– Opposition to racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, and the destruction of the natural world.
– We will strive for non-hierarchy in our collective organising.

Our work promotes alternatives to the unequal and unjust societies that we live in and explore ways to move beyond capitalism and the state. We also aim to support people and social movements resisting oppression. Shoal will not speak for, or on behalf of anyone. Instead we will attempt to amplify voices which would otherwise be marginalised in society.

Why create another alternative media collective?

We founded Shoal as a way to mutually support one another to produce the kind of work we believe in. As both independent and mainstream media struggle financially, and the demographic of people able to sustain themselves financially through journalism becomes narrower and narrower, the space for radical, questioning voices that challenge corporate and political power is shrinking. Shoal Collective is our way of contributing to the pool of truly independent media and research.

How do we organise?

We organise non-hierarchically as a workers’ cooperative and make decisions by consensus. We have no boss and everyone gets paid the same. All work in the collective is valued and paid equally, whether it be writing or doing the finances or the admin work that keeps the co-op running.

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