Our work

Shoal Collective’s writers publish books, reports and articles about a range of topics. We publish our articles in a variety of different places, and are regular contributors to The Canary, New Internationalist, Corporate Watch, Open Democracy and Red Pepper.

We will occasionally use this website to publish articles and research findings, but most of our work can be found elsewhere.

Shoal runs the Corporate Occupation website, which tracks corporate complicity in Israel’s occupation of Palestine and provides information for action for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Our researchers are currently working on a project compiling interviews with Palestinian women about radical politics.

We are also supporting our members to write about the mutual aid response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the way the pandemic and the state response to it disproportionately affects the most oppressed groups in our society.

To view Shoal Collective’s publications click here.

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